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Located between Mont-Saint-Michel and Rennes, less than 10 km from Fougères, La Maison Jaune la Janaie offers a spacious loft with a contemporary interior, a large flowered garden with terrace and a park with a labyrinth .


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On the town, you can walk on an exceptional wetland: The Peat Landemarais and enjoy the golf (9 holes) Castle Guy Wood.


Nearby, the botanical park of Haute Bretagne with its 24 thematic gardens on 25 Hectares.


At less than 10 ': Fougères with its castle, in 2018, 114,370 people visited the largest medieval fortress in Europe.


Not far from Parigné, The sanctuary of Pontmain and its 300,000 annual visitors (appearance of the Virgin Mary).


Many castles and gardens such as the Castle Rock Gate in Maen Roch (15 ') and the Thabor Park in Rennes (45').


The American Cemetery of St James (15 ') or Mont St Michel to (40').


In the commune known as Le Chatellier, this 25-hectare floral and botanical park acclimates essences from all continents in 24 contemporary thematic gardens.


An ideal setting for a romantic getaway, a solitary walk or family exploration, this remarkable Garden features a botanical collection of several thousand species of plants from five continents.


Born from 1994 from the imagination of its owner Alain Jouno, the 24 private gardens offer staggered blooms that will delight young and old from March to November.


Circuits thought for children, prehistoric garden, 18 m suspension bridge, labyrinths, educational hive, many carnivorous plants.


From April to the end of September, 7 days a week, tea room at the château and restaurant, Le Casse-Seine at the entrance of the gardens. Gift shop, horticultural bookstore. Gardening of rare plants.


Departmental natural area (10 km north of Fougères) the Peat bog of Landemarais covers 26 ha. It is home to a flora and vegetation characteristic of acid and humid environments:


cranberries, round-leaved sundews, clover of water, marsh camaret and many other species to discover. It is also rich of a varied fauna.


It attracts many birds that find there shelter and food, viviparous lizards, arboreal green tree frogs (which we hear the song).


It hosts rare species such as the beautiful fascinated argiope (big yellow and black spider).


The city of Fougères seduced by the wealth of its heritage, including its medieval castle beautifully highlighted by a pleasant scenographic course.


His visit deserves to be complemented by two museums located in the upper town, national street: the museum of watchmaking and the museum of Villéon, impressionist painter born in Fougères.


A stroll by small train makes it possible to take note of the principal points of tourist interest of the city of Fougères.




High place of Christian pilgrimage, the shrine of Pontmain, in Mayenne, born following the apparition of the Virgin Mary to children of the village on January 17, 1871.


The imposing neo-gothic basilica, built in the 19th century near the location of the apparition, houses in its choir beautiful stained glass windows illustrating the apparitions of the Virgin in Pontmain, Lourdes and La Salette, as well as scenes from the life of Christ. Barbedette barn, from which the children saw the Blessed Virgin in 1871, was converted into a place of prayer and meditation.


It is located on the commune of Saint Brice in Cogles, between Rennes and the Mont Saint Michel on the highway of Estuaries A 84.


Come discover this jewel of Breton architecture, and the fabulous history of its creator, Gilles RUELLAN. The story of a Breton of very modest origin who becomes one of the richest men in France, advisor and friend of Kings Henri IV and Louis XIII and Cardinal RICHELIEU and SULLY illustrious Minister of Finance at the beginning of 17th century.


Visit his private apartments, furnished, and enter the intimacy of this mysterious businessman who built and lived in this castle, symbol of his success.


At 35 minutes from the Yellow House at Janaie, Mont-St-Michel remains a must visit place. The site has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.


Mont Saint-Michel, in the middle of the bay, welcomes every year near 3.5 million visitors, pilgrims or tourists. At the entrance of this medieval city, the former Corps de Garde des Bourgeois, facing the cannons, houses the tourist office.


The recommended route for the visit of Mont Saint-Michel is the ramparts path which gives access to the Marvel and the Abbey.


Arriving at Saint-Malo, the visitor will be able to explore the ramparts encircling the city for two kilometers; the Saint-Vincent and Saint-Thomas gates accentuate their imposing character. The Saint Vincent Cathedral, the Grand Bé where Chateaubriand rests and the national fort, accessible at low tide, are also worth a visit.


The coast between Cancale and St Briac is remarkable. It is lined with small coves of fine sand and dominated by a magnificent customs trail.


For garden lovers, the Montmarin on the edge of Rance is worth a visit.

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